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#GAPOEVER Fatimah Dari Birmingham Jadi Trending

Jika sebelum ini 'Mek Timoh' yang berasal dari Birmingham, the United Kingdom (UK) tular di media sosial gara-gara kepetahannya berbahasa Kelantan.

Terkini, tular pula video si Mek Timoh atau nama sebenarnya Fatimah Omar Mukhlis, 4, bila bercakap "gapoever" yang membawa maksud "whatever".
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Setakat artikel ini ditulis, klip video itu menjadi sohor kini dan telah ditonton sebanyak 121 ribu pengguna laman sosial Instagram.

Saksikan sama-sama #gapoever daripada Mek Timoh
Fatimah and Ali both love imaginative play. One of their favourites is playing doctor! They have hours of fun checking and treating each other! . Imaginative play is very important for children’s development. For a start, it helps build social skills. Another benefit of imaginative playing is that it increases creativity. They can make up the story of their own make believe adventure - there are no limits! Also, imaginative playing allows kids to have a taste of the 'grown-ups’ world. They learn more about real-life situations through play! . As parents, we should avoid pushing our ideas into their play. Just let their imagination run wild and free! Don’t worry if it doesn’t make any sense to you. Remember, it’s imaginative play! When you interrupt to correct them, you’ll stop their creativity as they might feel afraid that they will make mistakes. If they are stuck for ideas, support them by asking questions to stimulate their creativity. Maybe you might want to kick off the story and let them take it from there. . We always love to get involved in our children’s play because we get to treasure the precious moments that become the memories of their childhood and it’s also part of our bonding time. The kids absolutely love it when we get involved in their play, and as a result, they will respond better when we ask them to get involved in other things around the house - it’s like give and take! . So overall, imaginative play is a bit of bonding time and getting to know your child’s personality. Whatever the situation, it will surely enhance your child’s learning and let everybody have fun at the same time. Why not try it with your child today? . “Children take their play business seriously - play along!" . #wisemomsays 💋 Written by Mrs Mom - a mother of 3 amazing kids! I’m not a parenting expert. I’m just a mother, sharing through experience...coz sharing is caring! #thefamilydotuk © . p/s: #gapoever = whatever 😂
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